Oh! What A Lovely War

set designer

and assistant costume designer

Directed by: Kenneth Robertson

Co Set Designer: Elizabeth Rickards & Sandra Asgeirsdottir

Costume designer: Alice Jervis & 

                                 Sandra Asgeirsdottir

Assistant costume: Elizabeth Rickards

Lighting designer: Ian Saunders

Photographer: Bill Bradshaw

Selected as the set designer for a collaborative program involving BA Acting, BA Makeup and BA Costume and Performance Design. This production was celebrating the 100 years of WW1 ending and was AUB’s homage to the people who lost their lives.

Oh What a lovely war is a farcical play based on the Worlds worst tragedy of WW1. It is a musical spectacular paying tribute to all the pointless lives lost, whilst making a mockery of the world leaders at the time.

The set was inspired by Edwardian fairgrounds with stalls set up for audience participation for fun. Bright colours and lights were used to emanate the farcical approach by the ruling upper class, whilst sand bags, world maps and scaffolding were used to symbolise the bleakness of life at the front.